Used Furniture Shops In Abu Dhabi

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Used Furniture Shops In Abu Dhabi

Buy Used Furniture for Enhanced Lifestyle ― It’s Cheap, It’s Eco-Friendly, It’s Antique

A lot of homeowners in Abu Dhabi buy used furniture for several reasons. Amongst those many reasons for buying used furniture and home appliances, affordability and availability remain the most crucial aspects for purchasing second hand items. You might have guessed already that cost-saving is what drives many people to buy used items from Al Thahani, but it just does not stop there. 

We are Unique, We are Enticing, We are Irresistible

Being Abu Dhabi’s best name in the second-hand furniture and home appliances marketplace, people mostly ask us questions like how do we ensure the quality of old appliances or how do we calculate the pricing for your old and used item. Some of our customers also ask us whether we buy second-hand office furniture or do we just deal in residential furniture. So, we have decided to address all these questions below.

Finding the best-used furniture shops in Abu Dhabi is not rocket science.

Al Thahani is currently offering online services everywhere in the UAE, so finding the best furniture shop becomes one less of your worries. Call us for more information.

How do you calculate the cost of used furniture?

The price of a used item usually depends on its condition and remaining life. Our experts can help you with the process, but we generally tell the furniture owners to look at the salvage value of the furniture. We price the used item around 50 percent of its initial price when it was untouched and unused. Again, the cost depends and varies from one item to another ― let’s say that a dining chair or office that is 1 year old would be depreciated more due to its usage. Meanwhile, bookshelves are not used frequently, so their price will not be lowered comparatively.

On the other hand, some things are unique that increase their value with time. Let’s say you own something that is rarely found or has some kind of important history attached to it, then its value will be obviously more than other such used items.

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