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Second Hand Furniture Market Abu Dhabi

Al Thahani Furniture Store ― Giving a Whole New Meaning to Comfort, Affordability, and Luxury

Whether you are reshaping your old house or you are adding furniture to your new home — both of these tasks are extremely daunting and time taking.

What furniture to buy, where to buy, how to buy, and several other questions arise in your mind even before you start researching.

Let us be completely honest with each other, buying an old and used furniture in Deira is already a daunting thought. Not to mention, looking for second hand furniture market in Abu Dhabi that you can truly trust is not an easy job.

So, we are here to solve all your problems. It doesn’t matter if you’re here to sell your used furniture, planning to buy an old piece of furniture, or trying to replace a used sofa. We do it all, we make everything easy, simple, and quick.

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The Best Second Hand Furniture Market in Abu Dhabi

Don’t get scammed, choose Al Thahani Furniture — the best second hand furniture market in Abu Dhabi. There are a lot of marketplaces in Deira claiming to sell or buy second hand furniture, but not everyone can be trusted with it.

As a matter of fact, it gets really challenging for a person to decide which store is trusted and not out there to scam you. So, differentiating between reliable furniture sellers and scammers can get you in a position where your tasks will be delayed. If you want to avoid such situations, choose Al Thahani — the best online second-hand furniture market in Deira.

What Services Do We Offer Find the variety of services that we are currently offering to our clients in Deira.


If you need some help in moving your furniture and household items safely to your new home in Dubai, we are always at your service. We take care of your goods like our own at the most affordable prices.

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Need to get rid of something? Not sure where to sell it for a good price? Well, look no further. We are the most reliable name in second hand furniture market Abu Dhabi that deals in used furniture pieces. Call us now and get that item sold!


Everything that Al Thahani Furniture Store touches, turns into sold. Contact us if you need to get rid of an old household item, we will buy it from you. Besides, SELLING LUXURIOUS AND AFFORDABLE USED FURNITURE has been quite easy with us!

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