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Shop for second hand furniture or used furniture, home appliances, electronics, & more with the best prices in Abu Dhabi. We are a marketplace to Buy and Sell Gently Used Furniture & Appliances at a great value.

used appliances - Buy / Sell Used Furniture & Home Appliances in Abu Dhabi - Al Thahani Used Furniture, Abu Dhabi August 2022
used appliances - Buy / Sell Used Furniture & Home Appliances in Abu Dhabi - Al Thahani Used Furniture, Abu Dhabi August 2022

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Al Thahani Furniture is the Best Marketplace to Buy and Sell Used Furniture in Abu Dhabi, Mussafah.
Used Home Furniture

We Buy and Sell Used Home Furniture in Abu Dhabi. We are always looking for used furniture to add in our inventory, so if you have any used furniture that you would like to sell, please contact us. We offer fair prices and we guarantee quick and easy transactions.

Used Home Appliances & Electronic Items

We Buy and Sell used home appliances & electronic items in Abu Dhabi . You can find a wide variety of products at our store, including refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, air conditioners & more. If you’re looking for a great deal on quality appliances or electronics, come and see us today!

Used Office Furniture & Equipments

We have a wide variety of Used office furniture options to choose from, and we offer the best prices in Abu Dhabi. Come see us today and find the perfect furniture for your office!

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No need to pack your own boxes when you can rely on us for all the packing and moving solutions. We provide a full range across  (Abu Dhabi). We know how stressful it is, so don’t worry!

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Al Thahani Used Furniture Shop in Abu Dhabi

Al Thahani has over 30 years of experience in the business. We Buy and Sell Used Appliances, so we know what we’re doing! Being Used Furniture Company in UAE, we have high standards for our products and services, and we always aim to reach them with you in mind.

We want you to be pleased with your purchase, no matter what it is! As such, all items on sale are checked by professional technicians before being added to our inventory. This way, you never have to worry about any malfunctions or problems that may arise after purchasing from us. You can rely on us-we want nothing but satisfied customers!

Our shop brings a fusion of designs and models; giving you a wide range of choices at great prices! Our team is constantly coming up with ideas to improve the customer’s shopping experience, and we strive to provide a diverse selection of household appliances. Whether you’re looking for something big like a washing machine or just something small like a microwave oven, or bedroom set, or just a table, we’ll have it in stock and ready to go! Contact us today and let us know what you need!

You can also sell your stuff in our shop! We’ll do an inspection, and We’ll buy them, so if you’re looking to get rid of home appliances at great prices, Al Thahani Used Furniture Buyers Abu Dhabi is here to help.

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used appliances - Buy / Sell Used Furniture & Home Appliances in Abu Dhabi - Al Thahani Used Furniture, Abu Dhabi August 2022


You’ll find that our used appliances and used furniture are in good condition, which means you can get them at a great price! We aim to please so don’t hesitate if there’s anything on your mind. Our friendly staff awaits patiently for any questions or concerns.

We sell new and used furniture Abu Dhabi Mussafah. Our main service area is in Abu Dhabi, but we also work all over the country! 

We provide services in all over ABU DHABI  (MBZ, Al Mafraq, Baniyas, Khalifa City A, Shakhbout City, Al Falah new, Al Falah old, Al Shamha, Al Shawameh, Al Rahba, Samha, Shahama, Taweela, new Shahama, Shalaila, Mussafah, Bin E Jasrain, Officer City, Al Mushrif, Al Muroor, Al Reem Island, Al Bandar city, Al Raha Garden, Al Munira, Al Reef Villas, Al-Ajban, Al Nahda west, Al Nahda north, Al Fayha, Al Dhafra, Al Buteen, Al Marasi, Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi Corniche, Saadiyat Island, Yas Island).

Useful Articles

There are many people who want to get rid of old furniture they no longer need. This is a great way to get some good deals and make space in your home! If you’re looking for used furniture shops in Mussafah, it’s best to go through the classifieds section on the internet. You can find anything from beds, couches, chairs, tables, etc., all at really affordable prices!The process of finding what you’re looking for is easy too – just type in your search term and narrow it down with filters such as location, price range, etc. It would be wise to take care when buying used furniture for sale in Mussafah, however; always check the quality thoroughly before agreeing to buy anything.

There are many scams out there so it’s best to be informed about used furniture buyers in Abu Dhabi Mussafah! To do this, look at reviews online for any location you are thinking of buying from. This way you can make sure the price is right and avoid any nasty surprises. There are also several Facebook groups where people offer used furniture Abu Dhabi Mussafah, so it might be worth checking them out too – you never know what might be lurking in there!
Plan your shopping and see what you’ll need. Before you start shopping for used furniture for sale in Mussafah, take time to decide what it is that you want and where in your home or apartment the piece will be located. This will help narrow down your options and make it easier for you to find second hand furniture in abu dhabi when you begin looking.

Where should you search? After you’ve decided what you want, start looking for it in your local paper and internet classifieds ads section. A little bit of searching will help you find some good deals on used furniture shops in Mussafah that are still in great shape! Most cities have used furniture in Mussafah stores that are filled with great finds! Be careful when shopping in these stores, because they can be expensive.
You may purchase what you enjoy! You can always save money from buying from sales and discounts. You can call the seller before you go. Do not buy something simply because it fits your budget. The piece should also fit the style of your home so that when you’re entertaining, there isn’t any doubt in anyone’s mind that this is where you want people to sit! And remember, just because a piece looks good in the showroom doesn’t mean it will work in your home. Look for a reputable source. When buying used pieces of furniture, check to see if the piece has been refurbished or refinished. These types of changes might not have been done by a professional and could diminish the value of the piece down the road.
Examine the piece to make sure it’s in good shape.How do you know if what you’re looking at used furniture for sale in Mussafah is in good shape? Look closely for cracks, chips, or scratches that might be difficult to repair. Also, look under cushions and slipcovers for evidence of damage due to pets or spills. And keep an eye on legs, feet, and hardware for signs of wear.
Make conversation! If a piece is new to you, there might be some things about it that you don’t know. If the person selling used furniture in Abu Dhabi, it doesn’t seem to want to give answers, take your business elsewhere! It’s totally okay if you don’t know everything about a piece before you make your purchase. A little research can go a long way in making sure you get what you want at the price you need!

Make sure to ask about delivery when buy and sell used furniture pieces that are too large or awkward to move. Also, if it’s possible, look at the piece in its current location before making a purchase. If the furniture has been refurbished, it might not be covered under your insurance plan if pieces of it break or get damaged. Make sure to check measurements and look closely at photos before making a purchase for used furniture shops in Mussafah! It’s better to be safe than sorry! Try to check them properly, if it’s good to go choose it.
If a piece is marked way below its market value, be suspicious! This could be a sign that the piece has been refurbished or refinished and may not have much of a resale value. Remember to search for quality over price. The best deals are often the ones that require a little more thought. If you’re looking for specific pieces, check out online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist to see what similar pieces are selling for before making a purchase. This way, you can be sure that your offer is fair! Otherwise, who knows you might end up being scammed by someone.

This might sound silly, but it’s true! If you think something is too good to be true (or too expensive), it very well might be. If you feel uncomfortable, either with the person or the price, don’t hesitate to leave and go somewhere else. The worst thing someone can say when you ask for a lower price is no. But the best thing that could happen is that you might just get what you want for the price you need! So don’t hesitate, just ask what feels right. You are spending money, but it shouldn’t be stressful. It should be an adventure filled with new finds and possibilities! This way you will enjoy and remember when you are happy you can make better decisions instead of being stressed and making wrong choices.
Buying used furniture shops in Abu Dhabi Mussafah can be an exciting way to decorate your home! You can buy literally anything furniture; it will add beauty and elegance to your home. It’s important to remember that no matter what you purchase, there will always be risks involved when buying anything – so buyer beware! Always ask the seller for more pictures if necessary and check over the piece very carefully if it’s large and difficult to transport.


Your used furniture for sale in Mussafah will bring years of enjoyment if you take proper care of it from the beginning. As you shop, look for pieces that are well constructed and heavy for their size. The heavier a piece of furniture is, the more stable it will be. In addition to stability, solid pieces tend to last longer than those with hollow parts or delicate design elements such as spindle legs or curvy back rails.

Solid wood is a beautiful material with excellent strength and durability, as long as it doesn’t get drenched by water or painted over. Check under the skirt of your piece for hardwood. If you feel solid wood legs, chances are the rest of the piece is made from this durable material too.
Avoid buying from used furniture shops in Abu Dhabi Mussafah that have been pre-owned for a long time. Used furniture in Mussafah that has been sitting around in a garage or attic might have little damage from the elements, but it’s definitely been too long without care and will definitely require more work to get it looking its best again.

Ideally, you want to take home the used furniture in Mussafah that you have purchased the same day you buy it. This way your furniture is there in your home with you when it can be protected from the elements and accidents waiting to happen.

You’ll want to ask the seller about any damage or repairs before purchasing, but remember most people aren’t familiar with wood finishes so their answers might not be totally accurate. Asking about the finish of the piece is a good way to figure out if it has been refinished, and therefore how old it is.

An unfinished piece of furniture might not bring as much pleasure as one that’s already had a chance to age and develop its unique patina. On the other hand, an older piece with polyurethane on top can be fairly easily stripped and refinished if you’re up for the task. If your seller isn’t quite ready to let go of his furniture, it’s okay to put off buying until another day. Just remember that furniture is usually more protected in a home than out on the sidewalk, so there are fewer hazards to worry about when bringing it into your home.

With older furniture, the used furniture buyers in Abu Dhabi Mussafah often have no idea how much work is involved in bringing a piece back to life because they’ve let it go for so long already. Take the time to clean off your piece before you even buy it. Use an all-purpose cleaner or warm soapy water to remove any obvious dirt and grime. After you’ve wiped it down, look closely for more stubborn marks or dirt that resist removal. If there’s some gunk on the surface finish, don’t be afraid to give it a light sanding. Just make sure to use a fine sandpaper and work your way up from coarse to fine so as not to damage the wood underneath.

The next step is to refinish the furniture. If you have a piece that’s been sitting in an attic for years, it might have warped boards or cracked joints. These issues can be fixed as long as there’s still some life left in the wood and joints themselves. In other words, don’t worry if your piece of furniture has a broken leg or cracked sideboard if the rest of it is still in good condition.

Make sure you know what you want before looking at furniture and make sure that it’s in good shape! Ask around for advice too – people can be really helpful if they’re willing to share their experience with used furniture buyers in Abu Dhabi Mussafah. When shopping online or offline, always pay attention to how much room there will be left after purchase; many times kitchens need more space than bedrooms do so keep this in mind when picking out a new couch. Shopping for used furniture for sale in Abu Dhabi Mussafah is a fun experience! If you follow these guidelines, you’ll have an enjoyable experience and find what you need. What are your favorite types of items to purchase when shopping? Do any of the guidelines above apply to them? Let us know if we can help with anything else. We’re here to make sure that all your home decorating needs are met!