Get IKEA Bedroom Setting with AlThahani Used Furniture! 

If your bed can no longer bear your weight then now is the high time to give your bed a sigh of relief. Replace it with an IKEA bed and let it bear your weight. I understand that IKEA beds are expensive and most people do not have that much money.   

Considering this problem, Althahani furniture offers used IKEA Beds that don’t break the bank. So, you can get an IKEA Bed without spending enough money. Let’s learn more about how you can get an IKEA bedroom setting with Althahani Used Furniture. 

What Mattress and Frame Sizes are available? 

When it comes to the frame and mattress size, there are numerous options available. IKEA furniture offers twin, twin XL, queen, king, and California king size beds. IKEA furniture gives you the luxury to choose the bed frame according to your room size.  

You must consider the dimensions of the room before buying the bed frame. If you’ve got a bigger room, then you should go for a bigger bed frame. The same goes for the mattress size. You should choose the mattress size according to your bed frame. For instance, a king size mattress will only suit a king size bed.   

But, if you can not afford new frames and mattresses. You can always count on Althahani used Furniture. Used IKEA bed frames and mattresses are available.  

What Types of Beds are available? 

It all comes down to personal preferences when choosing a bed type. There are many types of beds available incorporating water beds, airbeds, canopy beds, and many more. Which bed is best for you depends on what you expect from it. 

If you just seek comfort, then a standard bed with a good mattress will work. But if you seek some other features for an example storage area, then you can opt for a divan bed. If you want to buy a bed for your kids, then a hunk bed may be the best fit for you. First, understand your needs, and then select one that meets your needs. This is what you should keep in mind when shopping for a bed. 

We receive so many beds from people who either sell them due to storage issues or for some other reason. You can also get used IKEA beds at Althahani furniture. If you want any particular type of bed, then you can contact us. We will tell you whether it is available or not. 

Quality of IKEA Furniture 

The name “IKEA Furniture” speaks for itself. It has garnered massive respect in the furniture industry. If you’re looking to buy affordable furniture without compromising on quality, then you should get IKEA furniture.  

While some people may not be able to afford new furniture. They always have the option of buying used furniture. But, people do not want to buy a bed in bad condition. Althahani furniture sells used IKEA furniture in good condition.  

People can now buy used furniture without hesitation, thanks to Althahani furniture. We’ve set quality criteria, and if a bed doesn’t fall in it then we do not buy or sell it. 

Many People with affordability issues have realized their dreams. They can also get IKEA Bedroom Setting with Althahani Used Furniture.  

Budget & Price range 

The price varies from one bed to another. Though, it is certain that the price of our bed will be much less than the new bed. But that doesn’t mean the quality of the bed will be compromised. We only buy beds in good condition and then we sell them. As for the price, it depends on the condition and the features a bed offers. 

For instance, a king size bed from IKEA is available at a reasonable price of AED 1200. If it was a queen size bed, it would’ve been available at a lower price. The pricing also differs based on the brand name. The price of an IKEA Bed will be different from a Pan Emirates Bed.  

Althahani furniture is the leading furniture buyer and seller in UAE. We are backed by 30 years of experience and customer trust. You can always rely on us if you want to buy used furniture in good condition.  

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