Designing and Furnishing a Home on Budget with Used Furniture in Abu Dhabi 

It can be difficult to design and furnish a home, particularly in a place like Abu Dhabi where the cost of living can be exorbitant. According to a Numbeo research, the cost of living in Abu Dhabi is 41.74% greater than that in New York City. This makes it even more difficult for Abu Dhabi homeowners to plan and furnish their homes without spending too much. 

However, a functional may be built with used furniture in Abu Dhabi without the need to go over budget. This blog post is intended for Abu Dhabi residents who want to furnish their homes on a tight budget. We will go over strategies to plan and set a budget, locate possibilities for furniture and decor that are reasonably priced, and include design aspects in your home. 

To ensure you get the most out of this manual, we’ll also look at some resources and provide recommendations. You’ll have a better idea of how to design and furnish your home in Abu Dhabi on a budget at the end of this course. So, let’s get started! 

1. Planning and Budgeting 

Planning and budgeting are two of the most crucial components of furnishing a home. You’ll be able to maximize your funds and prevent overpaying if you establish and adhere to a budget. 

Here are some guidelines for making a budget: 

  • Decide what you need: Prioritize the items on a list of what you need for your house. 
  • Compare prices: Find out the best cost of the items on your list by comparing them and choosing the one that suits you the most. 
  • Budget your money: Determine the maximum amount you can spend on each item. 

It’s also crucial to have a flexible spending plan. Sometimes, you might come across a fantastic offer on something you weren’t expecting. Be ready to modify your budget if necessary. 

Here are some tools to aid you in creating a budget: 

  • “The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness” by Dave Ramsey. 
  • “Budgeting for Beginners” by Dave Ramsey (YouTube video) 
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Used Furniture in Abu Dhabi 

2. Creative Solutions for Furnishing 

Finding inexpensive furniture and decor solutions is one of the most difficult aspects of creating and equipping a house in Abu Dhabi on a budget. There are, however, a number of inventive options that can enable you to furnish your house without breaking the bank. 

Here are some options to think about: 

  • Thrift shops: Thrift shops are a terrific place to buy affordable furniture and home accessories. Salvation Army, Rerun, and Goodwill are one of the few well-known consignment shops in Abu Dhabi. 
  • DIY projects: You can turn inexpensive materials into lovely furniture and decor with a little imagination and some simple tools. For DIY inspiration, Pinterest and YouTube are excellent sources. 
  • Second-hand furniture: You can find great deals on used furniture in Abu Dhabi and home accessories on many websites and Facebook Marketplace for a fraction of the price. 
  • Multi-purpose furniture: Choosing multi-use furniture will help save money and space. A Storage Ottoman, for instance, can be utilized as additional seating or a coffee table. 

Here are some resources to aid you in coming up with original furnishing ideas: 

  • “The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful” by My quillyn Smith. 
  • “DIY Home Decor on a Budget” by Taryn Whiteaker (YouTube video) 

3. Designing on a Budget 

It can be difficult to design your home, but you can do it by incorporating design elements like secondhand furniture, lighting, and accessories. The result will be a stunning and useful room. 

Here are some pointers to help you decorate your house on a tight budget: 

  • Paint: One of the cheapest ways to alter a room’s appearance is with a fresh coat of paint. A neutral color scheme will provide the impression of serenity and space, or you can use vibrant hues to make a statement in your space. 
  • Functional Furniture: Making a house practical and cozy is the most crucial part of home design. Make sure to select the furniture and accessories that will make your home functional and comfy for you and your family. 
  • Lighting: The right lighting may significantly alter a room’s appearance. To make a room feel warm and welcoming, add task lighting with lamps, overhead lighting, and natural light. 
  • Accessories: Throw cushions, rugs, and artwork are a few examples of accessories that can give space a lot of individuality. 

Here is a video to aid you with designing affordably: 

  • “Interior Design on a Budget” by Shelley Little (YouTube video) 

Remember, you can build an attractive, practical home without spending a lot of money if you use a little ingenuity and good planning before selecting your furniture. 


It can be difficult to furnish a home on an affordable budget, but with a little imagination, careful planning and considering used furniture in Abu Dhabi, it is possible to build a lovely and useful home without going overboard. 

We’ve covered how to plan and budget, locate reasonably priced furniture and décor options, and incorporate design elements into your home without shelling out a lot of cash. 

You can get the intended results by paying attention to these suggestions. We hope you found this guide useful and that you might have picked up some useful advice to support you on your home design journey. 

We’d be thrilled to hear from you. Feel free to share any experiences you have. Your comments and suggestions will enable us to provide more enlightening and beneficial content catered to you. 

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