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Used Furniture For Sale

Find Rare Beauty in Used Furniture in Abu Dhabi Through Al Thahani 

When you buy used furniture for sale in Abu Dhabi, you are more likely to land on something unique that your neighbours or your relative might not have in their rooms. We mean who does not like keeping things that are not found widely in their circle, something that makes them stand out from the crowd. Do you have the love for unique items and antique beauty? If your answer is yes, then you will surely love shopping from second hand furniture.

If you did not know this already, one of the most promising things about used furniture in Abu Dhabi is that they tell antique stories especially when you buy something from Al Thahani.

Al Thahani Proactively Understands Your Needs

We carefully pick the best for you and display on our stores and website so that you do not have the difficulty in picking something elegant. Don’t worry about the quality — we do it for you! 


We scrutinize the material for you and pick out the furniture that can provide lifetime guarantee. We check every wear and tear — we examine every leg of the table! 

Used furniture for sale are a symbol of uniqueness 

✓ Get the latest trends in the market without paying the price for it

✓ Make sustainable choices by buying second hand furniture 

✓ Replace or swap the furniture anytime you want 

✓ Sell your old furniture for the highest possible value 

Give Your Home a Unique Touch With Our World-Class Second Hand Furniture for Sale!

Get in touch with Al Thahani and browse thousands of options in the second hand furniture marketplace.

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What should you do with unwanted furniture?

When you buy something, you want to use it for a long time. But this is not the case always, sometimes you get bored of it and sometimes it doesn’t sit well with other elements in your house. In such scenarios, most people look for stores that can buy their used furniture or swap it with something that they desire. If you find yourself in this picture, then Al Thahani is a place to be. We buy your used furniture for sale and give you a market competitive price for it.

What is the best second-hand furniture store in the UAE?

Al Thahani is, without any doubt, the best seller and buyer of second-hand furniture marketplaces in the UAE. We specialize in dealing with used and old furniture whether you want to sell your full bedroom set, living room set, and dining room set or single chair, table, and bookshelf — we do both.

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