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Ikea Abu Dhabi Sale

Al Thahani Furniture — Selling Comfort, Luxury, and Elegance in Affordable Prices 

Being the UAE’s biggest name in the furniture and home decor industry, we put major focus on client experience and focus on providing you with the best. 

Whether you want a king size bed or a workstation desk, we sell everything at the most affordable prices.

From IKEA Abu Dhabi sale price furniture to luxurious and antique designs, Al Thahani Furniture has something for everyone. 

Mark Your Style With World-Class Furniture in Abu Dhabi… 

Founded in the most recent years as the UAE’s most affordable furniture market, Al Thahani Furniture secures top position when someone mentions the list of hottest selling furniture and furnishings stores in the Emirates. 

Abu Dhabi’s Hottest Selling Name in Furniture and Furnishings

We are a distinctive and diverse brand with both physical and virtual stores in abu Dhabi. If you are looking for contemporary furniture that can mark your statement style, we are the one for you. 

Al Thahani is the name of the present, marking the best of up to date home decor… 

Elevate The Look of Your House With Al Thahani Furniture Store

Want to decorate your house with the best of best? Get in touch with Al Thahani Furniture Store now!

We have the most modern day Furniture and Furnishings in our collection that you can add to your house and instantly elevate it’s interior. 

Our online and physical store boasts the most recent collection that can help you create a wholesome environment in your house. Your visitors will be in awe and they will experience the beauty of Al Thahani Furniture store in your house. 

Buy the Hottest Selling Furniture from IKEA Abu Dhabi Sale… 

With a range of national and international material made furniture and furnishings, Al Thahani Furniture is committed to deliver the supreme quality of interior for your home. Not to mention, our products are available at market competitive rates and affordable prices. 

How to Contact Us

  1. Drop us an email on our Email Address 

Al Thahani Email Address: info@althahanifurniture.com


  1. You can personally pay us a visit at Al Thahani Store in Mussafah Saniya in Abu Dhabi. 

Al Thahani Store Location: Mussafah Saniya M-40, Abu Dhabi – U.A.E


  1. Too busy? You can get in touch with our representatives by using our Phone Number.

Al Thahani Phone Number for Abu Dhabi: 050 5325182

Al Tahani Furniture Store for Second Hand and New Furniture and Furnishings in Abu Dhabi 

We value your money and time. Hence we make sure that all the services provided to you are only crafted for your individual needs. 


Let’s decorate your house together and allow us to curate the most exquisite deals for you… Call us now for more information!


There are plenty of fish in the furniture and interior market of the UAE, but our competitive and cheap prices give us an edge over the competition. Find the best deals for decorating your home with the most luxurious and exquisite piece of furniture with Al Thahani. 

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