How To Arrange Sofa In Living Room

The living room sofa is often the biggest and most costly object in the room, so it’s not surprising that it also serves as the space’s de facto style arbiter. 

If you asked the average person what piece of furniture in their living room couldn’t be without, the vast majority would say the couch. The prim settles of Georgian times gave way to the more known sofas and armchairs of the 20th century, but cushy, functional upholstered seating has been a staple in western homes since the 18th century. 

However, due to advances in technology and shifts in how people spend their free time, the sofa in the living room has become more important. No longer do people gather in the three-piece suite, adorned with antimacassars, to watch television on Saturday nights or entertain visiting clergy. 

So whether you are purchasing a new one or designing around an old one, turn to these living room sofa designs for inspiration. 

Ideas for a sofa in the living room 

As families lose their daily rhythms, more flexible sofa and living room seating arrangements are becoming a need. It’s not uncommon for people to dine on their sofas, use their computers, play games, and watch movies on their home theater displays while lounging in the living room. 

Parallel to our search for practicality is a resurgence of traditional seats. Maybe it’s a sign that times are tough and that people want to retreat from the world into the comfort of their own homes. Perhaps it is a colorful salute to ten years of understated home decor. Sofas, for whatever reason, are undeniably essential pieces of furniture in every house. 

1. Functionality and style 

The size of your living room is a major consideration when picking a sofa, but the area’s intended use should also be taken into account. 

Two couches facing one other might be more conversational than one giant sofa that forces guests to sit in a line when hosting gatherings. Thus, the couches should be scaled down to provide sufficient walking room. 

2. Buy a sectional sofa for an open-plan space 

Sectionals are versatile and may be used for many purposes. The L-shape of the sofa is a good way to divide the living room from the kitchen or dining area in an open floor plan. 

However, a sectional might be a good option for a small living room since it takes up less area than a couch and armchairs put together. In this scenario, it would be best to go with a design whose proportions match the room’s outline. 

3. Invest  in a bold color 

Think about the color of the sofa in the context of the room as a whole when deciding on a color scheme for the living room, since this will affect how dominant the sofa seems. 

Color palettes are becoming more eco-conscious, with darker blues and greens as well as the resurgence of more neutral tones like rust and beige. Colors like spicy paprika and golden turmeric are reminiscent of natural spices and may be used by homeowners who wish to make a statement. 

4. Unique shapes 

The sofa’s form is also important. Pick a couch with a lower back if the ceiling in the room is low. Designing for a lower ceiling height with a low back may also be effective. 

Modern-retro fluting and glossy curving lines are mandatory in 2022 couch designs, although a raw, organic, and unpolished look is also making inroads. 

5. Embrace natural glamour 

Raw materials and unpolished textures are without a doubt two of the greatest sofa trends we’re seeing for 2022. Combining natural, minimal shapes with substantial textures like boucle results in a beautiful visual and physical experience. 

Along with this, beige is making a resurgence as a neutral foundation hue, replacing the more contemporary but colder grey. To add a splash of color to an otherwise monochromatic room, a statement couch is a great choice; earthy tones (especially ocean blues and mossy greens) are always a good bet. 

6. Dive into round shape works 

Curves, whether full-on voluptuous or softly rounded, can soften the overall appearance of your space and serve as a focal point of design for your living room. 

There has been a move toward less stiff, more curved designs that provide both comfort and plenty of room to host gatherings, moving away from the traditional setup of two couches facing one other. 

How to arrange the sofa in my living room 

When deciding where to put your living room sofa, remember to take scale into account. The proportion of your couch to the rest of the room, as well as the sofa’s form and color, are critical elements of a well-designed living space. 

“Size is most significant since it impacts how huge a room feels.” 

Your sofa shouldn’t overpower the other furnishings in the room, so give it plenty of breathing area and room to move about. A couch that is too big for the living room will take up too much space, while a couch that is too little won’t be comfortable. 

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